“Everything that can be counted
does not necessarily count;
everything that counts
cannot necessarily be counted”

Our Approach

Einstein’s quote, but one that resonates with us. Our job is to dig below the surface of the manicured CV and probe behind the veneer of the polished interviewee. The most interesting and telling aspects are often unspoken. At the C-level, most worthy candidates have the requisite elements in their CV. We use a combination of interview, market knowledge and referencing to make an assessment of candidates, their motivations and values.

Our partners come from industry, bringing hands-on experience of hiring, managing and motivating staff. We identify and grasp our client’s strategic business demands and recognise the importance of cultural fit – the right DNA match – between employers and their senior hires. Our insights are based on a combination of interview, informal referencing and sound and honest assessment. We are a boutique by choice and our aim is to be the best, rather than the biggest.