We are always interested in meeting senior executives. If we don’t have something now, there is every chance we will in the future.

What do we look for? Track record is number one because past performance is the best predictor of future performance. We look for gaps, consistency and the speed at which you have moved through roles in your career. Fast is often impressive but not always because to get traction, you sometimes need to stay in a role long enough to credibly have impact. We want to talk about results, the reasons behind your moves, where you were cautious and where you took risks – and why.

In this market, especially at a senior level, many find themselves out of a job. Being fired, retired early or laid off isn’t necessarily the end of the world; in fact, sometimes it can be transformational in a very positive way. We just need you to be frank about it. What matters more is why… and how you reacted. Sometimes it is that very experience which a client values. Not always, but sometimes.

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