Harness Our Global Expertise in Executive Search

At Cronin Partners, we specialize in connecting businesses with exceptional Irish professionals worldwide and attracting international talent to fill senior roles in Ireland. Partner with our Dublin-based executive search firm to elevate your organization's success.

Empowering Businesses with Global Executive Search Solutions

Our extensive experience includes placing top Irish professionals in roles across China, Australia, the UK, the Caribbean, and the Americas. To achieve this, we've cultivated a network of international research and executive search experts, selectively collaborating with them based on the unique needs and requirements of each assignment.

A Comprehensive Resource for Global Irish Professionals

Our Irish diaspora database serves as a comprehensive resource for organizations seeking to engage with highly skilled and experienced Irish professionals around the globe. By tapping into this unique network, we are able to identify candidates who possess the right combination of expertise, cultural understanding, and global perspective to excel in senior roles both in Ireland and abroad.

Connecting with the Irish Diaspora

For more information on the professional Irish diaspora, please reach out to [email protected], [email protected], or visit the networking institute. Allow Cronin Partners to help you navigate the rich and diverse landscape of global Irish professionals, ensuring your organization benefits from the best talent the world has to offer.

Strategic Partnership

In April 2018, we expanded our global reach by forming a partnership with RM Nephew & Associates, a retained executive search firm headquartered in Boston, USA. This collaboration bolsters our international presence, extending our services to the U.S. market and complementing our existing focus on Ireland, the UK, mainland Europe, the Caribbean, and Asia Pacific.

Shared Ethos, Shared Commitment

Both Cronin Partners and RM Nephew & Associates share a common ethos and approach, committed to delivering the highest level of service to our clients and candidates. Through our partnership, we are better equipped to address the unique needs of businesses seeking global talent and opportunities.

Discover Our Enhanced Services

To learn more about our partner, RM Nephew & Associates, and the additional services and offerings they bring to our collaboration, please visit their website. Join Cronin Partners and experience the benefits of our strategic partnership in your executive search journey.